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Narrative Documentation for Lapse.
To save his people from a horrible destruction, one brave soul must sacrifice his memory, travel back in time, and face the mystery of his own past.


  • Backwards progression similar to films like Memento
    • Player finds out about the story in reverse chronological order
    • Few other games use this type of story arc which makes this a very uniquely structured game narrative
  • Lapse tells the story of Bote
    • Bote is an android that believes he is human
    • He travels backwards through time trying to save the people that he believes are his race
  • The story is full of lies, misunderstandings, irony, and twists as the backwards progression reveals that no one knows exactly what their true desire really is



  • Create a full narrative document,  that is unique and will stand out against others


  • Finished the document and blueprints on time
  • Unique structure and story stand out against any other game narrative I know of

My Roles:

  • Narrative Designer

Team Size:

  • 1 Narrative Designer
  • 3 Designers for feedback


  • 4/25/09

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