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In a colorless world, how bright are your decisions?


  • Point and click Flash game that won a student art game competition at the Firehouse Gallery in Burlington, VT and is sponsored on www.ponged.com and www.bigfishgames.com
  • Stars a seed whose goal is to create a better world for it to be planted it
  • The player is faced with a puzzle that has two solutions on most screens.
    • Environmentally friendly solution
      • Difficult to figure out
      • Results in a brighter world
    • Environmentally harmful solution
      • “Easy way out”
      • Results in the world becoming grayed out
    • After a while the player notices their world is either gray-scaled or bright
  • No text in the game
    • Dialog is shown with icons
    • Can be enjoyed by anyone around the world
  • Game restarts on its own to show cycle of life and destruction and how people affect the environment


Play It:

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  • Complete a 2D flash game in 15 weeks with a team of 4 students working 10 hours a week for a class while studying abroad in Montreal, Quebec


  • Sponsored summer of 2009 bywww.ponged.com
    • Over 70,000 plays just on the sponsor’s site alone
    • It is also on at least 10 other sites that all have thousands of plays logged for it
  • Won an art game competition
    • Displayed during the Game[Life] exhibit at the Firehouse Gallery (a contemporary art gallery) in Burlington, VT along side other art games including Braid, Flower, etc.
    • The game recieved a lot of praise at the show and showed that it can be appreciated for not only the addictive and fun aspects, but the artistic and meaningfulness  as well.

My Roles:

  • Designer
    • Collaborative Process for overall design of the game
  • Level Designer for half of the screens
  • Lead Programmer

Regrowth being enjoyed at the Firehouse Gallery

Team Size:

  • 2 Designers
  • 2 Artists


  • 4/30/09


Quotes From Reviews:

  • “10/10.  Interesting and very thought provoking. Excellent point and click game.” ~ NewGrounds Review
  • “A very unique idea, easy game play, and nice graphics make this a great game.” ~ NewGrounds Review

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