Jaime Fraina

The Grand Adventure of Elroy the Unipus

Elroy lost seven of his tentacles!  Now he must decide who will help him on his quest for revenge!


  • Quirky adventure/maze game that I created with the help of one artist in 15 weeks
  • I created it as an experiment to see how narrative affects how players’ actions
    • Throughout the game, Elroy is pulled in three opposite directions from different non-playable characters on what he should be doing
      • General Fishkins wants him to grow back to full health so he can rejoin the army
      • Mindy, a snail that “loves” him, tells him to stay with one tentacle due to how cute it makes him
      • Elroy himself would like to eat crabs, which make him temporarily invincible, but all the other characters tell him not to<
      • What will influence you the most: fitting in, love, or doing things for yourself?
    • Some players don’t care about the story and just do things that will get them through the challenges
    • Most actually set harder challenges for themselves just to make a certain character in the game happier
  • The story involves Elroy having seven of his tentacles being bitten off by a giant Tiger Shark leaving him as a weak Unipus
  • There is about an hour or of fun interesting gameplay
    • Navigating Elroy around obstacles and fighting enemies
    • Puzzle solving
      • Opening gates in the correct order
      • Finding correct paths to outrun a huge whale
      • Timing when to move past an enemy
    • Three unique and “epic” boss fights



  • Create a game that can experiment with how the storyline of a game affects the player’s actions


  • Players are most definitely affected by the storyline, some more than others
  • The game takes about 45 minutes to beat and has many memorable characters and fights in it

My Roles:

  • Creator

Team Size:

  • 1 Creator
  • 1 Background Artist


  • 4/30/09


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