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is it time?

When is life not worth living?

Description (Spoilers Below):

  • Play as an old woman after her husband dies and her daughter no longer has time to take care of her
  • The message of this game deals with old age and when life’s not worth living
    • Brings up the question of if there is there any point to being alive when you’re so old, lonely, and have nothing to live for
    • As life gets harder to live and you lose your sight, hearing, and memory, why fight to stay alive?
    • Aimed to remind the player that they should visit elderly loved ones to make their life improve
  • In the game, the player feel alone, unloved, always needing to fight to stay alive
    • There also is no rewards for staying alive except for watching the days pass by, so why even bother?
  • This game is based off of my grandmother who is alone in her house from 7AM – 7PM every weekday
    • The idea for this game came from something I heard her say while laying alone in bed, crying a little. “When will it be my time to be with you again, Armond?” This quote has stuck out to me ever since. It seems like there is no point to her life and that she is just lingering, waiting for her time to come to be with her husband again.
  • There are many hidden things to have the game become more interesting and have each player experience something different
    • Frustrated players mash the spacebar on objects, this causes the character to have interactive flashbacks which effect how characters act towards the player.
    • Hallucinations occur every few nights, for example the dead husband pulling the selector over to “Yes” when the player is asked if they want to die yet.
    • There is a friend character the player can talk to everyday who becomes happy and has new life meaning if they player can talk to them over 8 days, which is very difficult and would probably end up causing them to die.  If the player does not talk to the friend for 3 days in a row, she will die of loneliness.

Play The Game:

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Download Prototype Version:


  • Create an art game that is meaningful to me and can cause a player to feel emotion and/or think about life issues
  • Created for the Game[Life] competition (My game Regrowth won the competition) at the Firehouse Gallery in Burlington, VT


  • The game has been called “art” by everyone that has played it
  • Player’s can relate to the character and definately feel emotions while playing
  • It is based off of a family member of mine so it is very meaningful to me
  • Flash version has been created now

My Roles:

  • Creator

Team Size:

  • 1 Creator


  • 1/15/10
  • Flash version, on this site just for review, released upon sponsorship or by May if there is none.


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