Jaime Fraina

Me? I’m a Monster.

Move platforms to create your own path through this surreal dream of growing up.


  • 3D Adventure Platformer targeted at a younger audience
  • Play as a kid that wants to grow up as he dreams of collecting Rawrs that will help him grow faster
  • Player is able to move platforms around the world
    • Puzzles consist of forming paths to navigate around the colorful landscape
  • Many ways to solve puzzles in a world that was made to feel open
  • Created in 30 weeks
    • 4 students worked on the project for the first 15 weeks
    • 9 students worked on the project for the last 15 weeks

Play It:



  • Create more levels and more interesting puzzles while keeping the game’s core mechanics the same
    • Joined 15 weeks into production cycle
  • Have a full 3D game with at least 30 minutes of gameplay


  • I created 3 very unique levels
    • Space
      • Challenging yet fun due to the openness and with multiple paths the player can take
      • Very creative use of assets to give the player incentive to explore all over the world
    • Pirate
      • Very fun level that had the player ride pirate boats and find a hidden treasure
      • A creepy ghostship flies around the level after coming out of the water, the player can ride on it, but must solve puzzles quickly to stay on
      • Level was cut due to programming issues and scope for artists
    • Tower
      • Challenging level, but gives the player direction by having paths of collectible crystals
      • Many areas the player can lose lives, so there is a lot of tension on them to not mess up in this overwhelming tower of gears
      • Boss fight at the top that includes 3 different puzzles
  • We have well over an hour and a half of gameplay with replay value to collect all the achievements,  extra rawrs, and crystals

My Roles:

  • Level Designer for the last two levels of the game
    • Designed world description
    • Art asset lists
    • Puzzle design and layouts
    • Level Population
      • Used simple art assets created by artists to create complicated interesting landscapes
    • Tweaking and playtesting to make sure players find the levels difficult, but have direction and don’t become lost
  • Game Designer
    • Helped the lead designer make design choices having to do with UI, achievements, unlockables, and other aspects of the game

Team Size:

  • 2 Designers
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 4 Artists
  • 2 Programmers

Release Date:

  • 5/1/10


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