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Causality Series

Causality Series

Destroy stickmen in the huge Causality Series!


  • A huge stickmen killing series with 15 installments and 3 spin off series
  • Over 30 million plays total, this was a huge hit series for Bored.com
  • Each game has 5-8 stickmen and 1-3 levels
  • The player’s goal is to find ways to cause all stickmen to die but there is 1 more rule, the sticks can’t see another one die
  • Over 100 stickmen in the series each is unique and presents a new challenge to the players
  • 3 Spin off series including:
    • ClickDeath – Has a different art style
    • CounterStick – Has a story where the stickmen found out about you trying to kill them and start fighting your cursor
    • Causality Adventure – 10 levels in each installment that follow 1 adventure


Here are just a few walkthrough videos for Causality games. You can find more Here

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  • Continue the success of the series
  • Optimize a template so I can finish coding a game with 3 levels in 1 week


  • Causality 4 was the first game that I coded in AS3 and it went very smoothly
  • The series is still going strong and I expect new installments to come out in the future
  • We now have a great template that I created that allows me to code a single causality level in 1 day or less

My Roles:

  • Designer – For some of the games I was the Lead Designer and some just helped out with a few puzzles
  • Programmer – All Causalities, CounterSticks, and Causality Adventures after Causality 3 have been coded by me

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