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Stick Swipe

Stick Swipe! Mobile Skill Based RPG

In the heat of battle, how fast can you swipe?


  • Players battle through groups of enemies in a real-time skill-based RPG fighting game
  • Unique gameplay that is a fast paced version of Connect-The-Dots
    • For every action the player wants to perform, they are presented with a group of numbered amulets
    • Players must swipe across the amulets in the correct order before a timer runs out
    • The amount of amulets they correctly swiped affect the outcome of the action (basically the same as rolling a die in D&D)
  • Simple mechanic, many ways to use it
    • Casual gamers were quick learn the easy controls of just swiping across numbers and enjoyed it
    • Hardcore gamers were entertained from the deeper gameplay
      • Strategies include choosing which enemy to strike first and how¬†to time attacks
      • Weapon upgrading to change timing, amount, and pattern of the amulets
      • Some strategies even involved players not swiping all of the amulets so they can do faster small attacks.
    • We were able to use the same basic mechanic and give it many layers of depth because of the other content in the game
  • Tons of content for players to enjoy
    • With 9 full levels, each including a boss fight, 7 different enemy types to fight through, and an unlimited mode, players spend hours defeating enemies


Play It:

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  • Create a cross platform stickman fighting game for Flash and iOS in 2 months


  • Awesome gameplay that using a unique swiping mechanic
  • Tons of iterations of controls and bug solving with AIR on mobile caused some delays in development, but released on time
  • Way more content than originally planned
  • Great reviews by gamers and testers

My Roles:

  • Lead Designer – From concept to levels I designed pretty much everything in this game
  • Project Manager – Creating asset lists, managing team, planning milestones, and carrying out testing sessions throughout development

Team Size:

  • 1 Designer/Project Manager
  • 1 Programmer
  • 1 Artist

Release Date:

  • 8/1/12

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