Jaime Fraina

Color Zapper!

Educational Puzzle Game Color Zapper

Use your color knowledge to blast away your enemies!


  • Grid-based puzzle game
  • Designed to be a challenging, addictive, yet fun and slightly educational game that teaches the player about the color wheel
  • Unique gameplay that deals with how colors interact
    • Seven types of objects to place on a grid
    • The player must set up objects in a way that creates a chain reaction that causes each enemy to be hit with a laser of its complimentary color
    • The player can combine two colors to form a secondary color, or use a “converter” to change it to it’s complimentary color
  • Knowledge of the color wheel is necessary to use objects correctly, yet doesn’t make the player feel like it is an educational game


Play It:

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ColorBlaster! All Levels Unlocked (Click to Download Prototype with All Levels Unlocked)


  • Create a prototype of a game alone in a span of 15 weeks using a tool that I’ve never used before


  • Flash Version:
    • Sponsored by 1000webgames.com
    • Difficulty curve and graphics improved drastically compared to the prototype
  • Prototyple:
    • Much more polished than I hoped to achieve at the beginning of the semester
    • Three times the amount of levels originally planned
    • Problems with the difficulty curve, but rest of game was great

My Role:

  • Creator

Team Size:

  • 1 Creator
  • 1 Title Screen Artist

Release Date:

  • 12/17/09 – Prototype
  • 11/15/12 – Flash


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