Jaime Fraina


Degrade - The top down shooter that DEgrades you instead of upgrading

Can you survive without your weapons?


  • A top-down shooter in which the main character De-grades instead of upgrades
  • Players must get better at the game in order to beat higher levels instead of relying on upgrades like most games
  • The game has 10 worlds
    • Each world starts the player off with more upgrades than they had in the previous world
    • Each level in the world that they beat, 4 upgrades are taken away from the weapon the player used the most
    • Behind the scenes enemies in levels get slightly weaker/slower/fire less without the player noticing
  • Players see character progression each world, feel bad-ass right away, & feel like they are doing awesome on their own without weapons
  • 10 worlds, 62 levels, 35 unique characters, 50 upgrades/degrades and an unlimited mode for each world provide hours of entertainment


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  • Create a game that has a backwards progression for the main character to challenge the player more and more each level
  • Create a game that has a high quality for the bubblebox.com audience


  • The game was well received by the audience and review sites for it’s design, but the implementation and coding could have been improved.  These problems could easily be fixed up and improved upon in a sequel.
  • A review of the game can be found here: http://jayisgames.com/archives/2013/04/degrade.php

My Roles:

  • Lead Designer – Designed all aspects of the game from concept to enemies to levels to UI
  • Project Manager – Creating asset lists, managing team, planning milestones, and carrying out testing sessions throughout development
  • Level Designer –  Levels are carefully designed to have enemies’ attributes balanced out with the player’s lose of upgrade without the player noticing the difference

Team Size:

  • 1 Designer/Project Manager
  • 1 Programmer
  • 2 Artists

Release Date:

  • 3/20/13

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