Jaime Fraina

Swing Striker

Swing Striker! Competitive multiplayer mobile game.

It’s basically multiplayer soccer… with grappling hooks… and perhaps too much blood.


  • 1-4 player iOS/Droid soccer game that has players use grappling hooks to swing across the field (over water and lava) to smash a ball into each other’s goals
  • Very competitive, action packed, skill-based game that everyone enjoys
  • 2D physics game created in Unity 3D in 4 weeks by 3 developers
  • Originally released as a Flash game on bored.com called Swing Soccer
    • Swing Soccer had over 1 million plays across the web so we decided to try it out on mobile
    • Mobile version already has over 2,000 downloads in the first week
  • 8 Characters to select from, 20 multiplayer fields and 30 single player challenges
  • In-app purchases include extra characters, levels, and more rounds (rounds are limited to 10, if a player runs out they must wait for more or can buy some


Play It:


  • Create a successful multiplayer mobile game that had great competitive qualities
  • Have much more content in the mobile version than the Flash version
  • Optimize game for in-app purchases to maximize revenue


  • In the end the game is very competitive and exactly the product we were shooting for with our scope
  • Production went very smoothly transferring the game from Flash to Unity3D and we had enough time in development to polish it up and add even more content
  • So far it has over 2,000 downloads in the first week and within the top 200 sport games on iPad in USA

My Roles:

  • Lead Designer – Designed the concept and content
  • Project Manager – Made sure everyone stayed on task, wrote out asset lists, helped with coding and art when I could
  • Level Designer – Created all of the single player levels and most of the multiplayer for both the mobile and Flash versions

Team Size:

  • 1 Designer/Project Manager
  • 2 Programmers (1 for Flash 1 for mobile)
  • 1 Artist

Release Date:

  • 3/13/13

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