Jaime Fraina


Hey! That's me promo-ing Swing Striker at GamesFest in DubaiI’m the Lead Designer/Project manager for GamePub.com, owner of Giant Fox Games, from New York but currently living in Dubai, UAE, lead singer of the punk band ChildLock, fire spinner for FireStorm, electric ukulele player, and rock climber.  Any more questions? …Well, probably, so here’s so more info on me!


What type of games do you make:

- I have over 130 games published on web and mobile.  I use Flash AS3 and Unity to create these game freelance and for GamePub. My games range from top-down shooters, skill based mini-games, stickmen killing puzzle games, escape the room, multiplayer competitive, physics puzzle, to education/serious games. They are all pretty small scope with a production time of a week to 6 months.  At any given time, I am probably working on at least 10 games in some way (programming, designing, or managing).

What game-related positions have you held:

- During College, I worked part time at the Emergent Media Center (an educational/serious games studio in Burlington, VT) as the Lead Designer and Project Manager. This was my first real game-related job and I’m so glad to have the great opportunity to work there along side learning about game design. After graduation, I went back to Montreal and worked at Babel Media as a Functionality Quality Assurance Tester and then switched to Bug-Tracker for some Compliance Quality Assurance Testing.  Testing was fun and all, but I needed something more creative, so I started working remotely as a Junior Designer for a small indie studio in New York City as a Game Designer and Programmer. I learnt a ton about the industry and working as a designer from that position but I was looking for something a bit more stable and found my current position at GamePub. When I first started here, I was only a content manager for gamegecko.com, just adding great games I found to the site or sponsoring games off of FGL.com. One day I proposed we start making games internally and created our first mobile app using Game Salad in only 5 days. That game got downloaded over 2 million times so we decided to move forward and build up an internal games team with me as the Lead Designer and Project Manager. Over the past 2 years as the lead, I worked with both freelance and full-time artists and programmers to create over 70 mobile apps and 130 Flash games.

How did you get to into making games:

- I graduated from Champlain College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronic Game and Interactive Development, specializing in Game Design (woo, that’s a long name). The course was designed to help develop team, game design, and technical skills with an accelerated four year Bachelor’s of Science program, enhanced with liberal arts studies. We were taught hands on with industry tools such as Maya, Torque, PhotoShop, C++, and Flash. I completed 4 full games for classes with teams of students during my years at Champlain and created countless design documents. With all the hands-on experience in classes, a semester abroad in Montreal being taught by current industry professional, and having the chance to work part time at a serious games studio as the Lead Designer, it was an awesome course and really helped build the skills I needed to start a great career in this industry.  Before college, I created over 40 games for friends.  These games ranged from table top games similar to Dungeons and Dragons to short electronic games about lady bugs trying to escape from being squished.  I was interested in exploring many aspects of game design before even realizing it could be a career path I take later in life just for the fun and passion of it.

Anything else:

- I am very passionate about gaming and helping the community of game developers. I have volunteered at MIGS (Montreal Internal Game Summit) for the past years. I attended all IGDA meetups in Montreal while I was living there and some in New York. When I moved to Dubai, I helped set up the chapter here and have presented a few times myself along with representatives from companies like Unity3D and PixelHunters. I love seeing the passion from other developers about their games and always try to help out anyone in the community as much as I can to help it grow strong.

Hope this about section helped you know more about me! You can always contact me at jaime.fraina@gmail.com with more questions.  Enjoy your stay on my portfolio!

Game Designer | jaime.fraina@gmail.com