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Color Zapper!

Use your color knowledge to blast away your enemies! Description: Grid-based puzzle game Designed to be a challenging, addictive, yet fun and slightly educational game that teaches the player about the color wheel Unique gameplay that deals with how colors interact Seven types of objects to place on a grid The player must set up [...]

Me? I’m a Monster.

Move platforms to create your own path through this surreal dream of growing up. Description: 3D Adventure Platformer targeted at a younger audience Play as a kid that wants to grow up as he dreams of collecting Rawrs that will help him grow faster Player is able to move platforms around the world Puzzles consist [...]

is it time?

When is life not worth living? Description (Spoilers Below): Play as an old woman after her husband dies and her daughter no longer has time to take care of her The message of this game deals with old age and when life’s not worth living Brings up the question of if there is there any [...]

The Grand Adventure of Elroy the Unipus

Elroy lost seven of his tentacles!  Now he must decide who will help him on his quest for revenge! Description: Quirky adventure/maze game that I created with the help of one artist in 15 weeks I created it as an experiment to see how narrative affects how players’ actions Throughout the game, Elroy is pulled in [...]

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